What is narrative writing?

Narrative writing is basically about telling a story. It could be fiction as well as non-fiction. Most of the people recognize fiction as narrative writing but there are a number of non-fiction stories that have their place under the umbrella of narrative writing. If you want to become a good narrator, you need to follow … Read more

Useful Tips on Writing a Synthesis Essay

Filtering and arranging information in an essential skill for any student and scholar as it demonstrates critical evaluation of data and a deep understanding of the researched topic. However, writing a synthesis essay in a consistent manner may be challenging even for those having good reading and critical thinking skills. This article is designed to … Read more

How to start a narrative essay?

“I was trembling with fear, sweat rolled down from my forehead into my eyes and they started burning but I kept on pressing the keys on the keyboard. It was nothing like I experienced before. After writing down the last sentence, I felt at peace like I had done something incredible. I closed my eyes … Read more

How to Write an Informative Essay

The process of writing an informative essay can be a daunting task especially for first-time writers. In spite of this, making the necessary preparation can relieve you from the stress that comes with writing an informative essay without prior preparation. Often, an informative essay aims at educating a target audience regarding a given subject. For … Read more

Writing 5-Paragraph Essay Outline

An essay is a complex paperwork that requires particular skills, time, knowledge, and desire to write. For this reason, many students don’t want to do this work by themselves and prefer to hire professionals. Usually, these professionals are writing services working online. Despite a huge variety of these services, it is rather hard to find … Read more