Cause and Effect Essay Structure and Writing Guidelines

Cause and effect is one of the most interesting forms of essays. Like other essays, these essays have a unique structure. But before we examine the structure of cause and effect essay, it is necessary for us to define it. A cause and effect essay focuses on a writer’s capability to assemble reasons or evidence in support of why events or things happen and their consequences within a particular context.

The structure of a cause and effect essay

But what is so good about a structure when you already have done excellent research? The body structure of cause and effect essay is still important because without it, you will not know how to organize your essay in a logical manner that you can write easily. The structure of your essay is like the structural design of a house.

Gathering excellent research material is like buying all the necessary raw materials to build a house and then heaping them on a construction site. Unless you have an architectural plan, you won’t know where to place what and your material will go to waste. Likewise, your cause and effect essay structure will enable you to write your essay easily so that anyone who reads it will have something pleasant to the eye and appealing also to the mind.

The introduction

The introduction is an important part on how to structure a cause and effect essay. Your opening paragraph should constitute three main pillars namely: Your thesis, which is your main idea or purpose of your essay; the background of your essay and; the present state of affairs.

We will look at this example to illustrate this point. Let’s take an event like the prevalence of junk food in the modern society as an example and examine the three areas we have discussed above.

  • The background: This part will state what and how people used to eat before the advent of junk foods. You can state that in the past, our fathers used to eat healthy and organically grown foods.
  • The present: Here, you will discuss the junk foods that people are eating in this generation. You can name foods such as quick fries and rich cakes.
  • Your thesis: In this section, you can now draft your thesis and say that since people are no longer eating the healthy diets our parents used to eat, we have an increase in lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Your thesis should clearly show why departure from previous diets to junk food is impacting the health of people in this generation.
Cause And Effect Essay

Your essay’s body

The body of your cause and effect essay should delve into the details of the causes and effects of your thesis. The body paragraphs will focus on why people prefer junk food to traditional healthy meals.

  • Causes: Here, you can list three main reasons behind this trend. Some of the reasons behind this trend are:
  • Effects: Here, you will discuss the effects of junk food on people’s lives. Some of the effects are:

Your closing paragraph

Your closing paragraph will give a two-fold verdict on the issue. For instance, you will state that fast food is convenient for people who are living on the go. However, too much of it can have serious health and social effects on family bonding sessions such as meal times. You can also show how people can draw a balance to avoid these consequences.

Closing remarks

Writing a cause and effect essay is an excellent way of exercising your analytical capacity. But if you find yourself too busy or just tired to do your assignments in this area, you can contact external writers for professional assistance.