How to write an evaluation essay?

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Difference between an evaluation essay and other types of essays

When you need to write the essay, the most important question is what type of the essay it is. There are several main types of essays in the scientifically world, including the analytical, descriptive, expository, persuasive (argumentative), narrative, definition, evaluation, and some others. All of them have similar features, such as the structure (the introduction, body, and conclusion), but there is huge difference in context. For instance, the analytical essay is the type of paper where the student must analyze a book, poem, or any artwork. So, you need to restate main ideas of the chosen paper and provide the necessary evidence to support or to refute them. Meanwhile, the main goal of the descriptive essay is to draw a vivid image in the reader’s brain, and you need to use more feelings and senses instead of evidence. Expository and persuasive essays must include strong evidence, statistics, etc. Furthermore, the narrative one is very similar to the analytical paper. As for the definition essay, many people find it the hardest one because its purpose is to describe one single word. Last not least is the evaluation essay. This paper is very similar to the review, but it is deeper and more specific. Your task is to offer certain criteria and then evaluate the chosen product, service, etc. based on these criteria. Here are some useful recommendations that will help you write a great evaluation essay.

how to write an evaluation essay

How to write the evaluation essay?

  • Choose a topic. First, you need to find what you want to evaluate. It can be whether a product, service, or even person. For example, it can be a movie, book, famous politician, football match, etc.
  • Write a thesis statement. This sentence gives the overview of the entire article. It includes main ideas and their importance. The thesis statement helps the reader to understand whether the article deserves his attention, or it is a waste of time.
  • Determine your criteria. You need to have three to five criteria. If you use too few, it will not give you enough material for the essay and will not allow to prove your idea. Meanwhile, when you have too much of them, it can confuse you and your reader. According to the structure of the essay (the introduction, body, and conclusion), criteria must be presented in body paragraphs; each criterion in one paragraph. All your criteria must be clear and unambiguous. Also, it is good to include numerical criteria.
  • Collect evidence. When you chose the topic and determined necessary criteria, it is time to collect evidence. You need to use only reliable evidence taken from the reputable sources, like official reports, statistical data, and articles of respected scientists. Don’t take information from unverified sources, such as articles without the author, blog posts, etc.
  • Make the judgment. The judgment describes whether the criteria were met or not. Moreover, you make a decision about the chosen service, product, or another topic.
  • Write conclusions. You ought to restate your thesis and ideas. Furthermore, you have to provide directions for further research, answering such questions as “Why should people keep studying this topic?” and “What else can be discovered?”

These recommendations will assist you in writing the outstanding evaluation essay in the short period of time. However, the most complicated question for any students is how to find the right topic. Yet, it is pretty simple; choose what you like, or what you know how to do well. Here are some examples of topics

Topics for the evaluation essay

  1. Your favorite book, movie, or video game.
  2. Your pet.
  3. Cosmetics and body care products.
  4. A restaurant that you visit with friends.
  5. Last year’s weather.
  6. The best game of your baseball team.
  7. The newfangled app.

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