Writing a Thesis Proposal: Key Principles

A thesis proposal is an important part of every student’s educational process in a graduate school. It needs to be presented so that the research can be started. If the proposal (be it an undergraduate thesis proposal, graduate thesis proposal, or a doctoral thesis proposal) is an attractive one, it has more chances to be … Read more

How to write a speech: complete manual

If there is an event where a speech is needed to be delivered and you are the one to write it – there’s nothing to be freaked out even if writing is not your strength. A speech is basically a reflection of the person’s feelings; everybody has feelings, so it should not be that hard … Read more

How to write a persuasive speech

A persuasive speech is aimed to assure the audience to do something. No matter if you want people to vote, stop dropping litter, or reconsider on any issue, convincing speech is an efficient way to influence the audience. A successful convincing speech includes many elements. But by preparing and practicing, you can make your speech … Read more

Personal Speech Topics

Presently, it has become a common practice among individuals and corporates to use personal speeches when passing out a given message to a select group of people. As it is, it is turning out that speeches are inherent part of every day’s meetings, conferences, etc. While some people might find it simple to write and … Read more