Catchy titles for essays

You should know that the attitude of the audience makes for half their impression, when they read or hear your essay. It might not be really fair, but even a brilliant and creative paper will not be considered such, if the audience didn’t like something in the first place. The same way, as you can … Read more

How to write a 5 paragraph essay?

Well, “I just sit and write my 5-paragraph essay, what else would one expect as motivation? There is no single instruction for writing essays, because this term includes dozens of types, each written in its own way and presenting its own rules. Essay types differ by size, topics, format, structure, involvement of practical research, goal … Read more

What is a personal narrative essay and how to write it

So, what is a personal narrative essay? Basically, it’s a type of paper, which contains a depiction of your personal experience, usually written from the 1st person perspective. Though it seems easy to tell the reader a story from your life, but ask yourself if you really know how to present it in a way … Read more