Proper essay format

At some point in the course of education, every student will have to write essays, sooner or later. These assignments are not only numerous, but also extremely diverse, so it’s really beneficial to get acquainted with the main types, their goals and also distinctive format, structure, requirements etc. The most basic structure of an essay … Read more

How to write a persuasive essay

Let’s start by answering the question “what is a persuasive essay?” and stating its goal. A persuasive essay is considered the beginning of a real writer’s work. It is a type of paper characterized by strong opinion-making arguments aimed at persuading the readers to take the author’s point of view, hence the name. Can a … Read more

How to write a good conclusion

Most essay types, except for summaries, require a conclusion as the ending part of their structure. Ranging from one to three paragraphs, the conclusion may fit the following roles: What should a conclusion include? Knowing the role that the conclusion should fit, we can understand how to end an essay. Actually, it pretty much depends … Read more

How to make an essay longer

Among all the characteristics of an essay or any other academic paper, the most frustrating thing for a student is the size requirement. Let’s face it – this part of the task is just pointless. We’ve been told that it’s much more difficult to put your thoughts on paper in a short form, than to … Read more

How to write a history paper

If you ask me, 80% of history class was all about essays. From the ancient times to modern days, all the major political processes, bloody battles, their causes and consequences typically required a big fat review in a detailed essay. I think I have written a few hundred of them and I’m not exaggerating in … Read more