Writing 5-Paragraph Essay Outline

An essay is a complex paperwork that requires particular skills, time, knowledge, and desire to write. For this reason, many students don’t want to do this work by themselves and prefer to hire professionals. Usually, these professionals are writing services working online. Despite a huge variety of these services, it is rather hard to find the reliable one. So, every time, students want to place an order, they have to check information about the provider of such help. It includes reading terms and conditions, checking prices and timeframes, and reading testimonials and reviews. This process takes much time, but it eliminates most risks. In addition, when the student chose the writing service and tested it, next time, he will know who will do his essay for him and will not waste time.

Another way of writing the essay is to do it by yourself. As it was mentioned, this process requires preparation, knowledge, and time. The last one is probably the most important aspect. Because if you don’t have enough time, you will not be able to prepare for writing the paper and will not have enough knowledge to do it. Meanwhile, knowledge gives you information for the essay. The last one – preparation – is your motivation for work, selection of the right topic, and everything else that helps you to write the high-quality research paper. Most newbies find it hard to write their first essay, so here are some useful recommendations; they will help to organize your work and avoid common mistakes.

What is the correct structure of the classical 5-paragraph essay?

There are many types of essays in the scientific world. The narrative, descriptive, definition, argumentative, analytical, expository, and some others can be named among the most popular ones. Despite their differences, all of them have the similar organizational structure and include the introduction, body, and conclusion. Generally, it is one paragraph for the introduction, several paragraphs for the body, and one paragraph for the conclusion. However, the traditional and widely used structure is the 5-paragraph one. Today, it is used in many exams all over the world. The 5-paragraph paper, as the name implies, includes five paragraphs: one paragraph in the introduction, three body paragraphs, and one conclusion paragraph. If you don’t have experience with other types of structures of essays, you should follow it. Let’s see how it works.

Writing the outline of the 5-paragraph essay

After you decided to write the 5-paragraph essay, it is time to make its outline. It should include three main sections with several subsections. All of them must be discovered in the text, so don’t use empty words. Here is an approximate outline of the 5-paragraph paper:

  1. The introduction. The student should list all main ideas of the essay in the first paragraph.
    • The hook. It can be an anecdote, story, interesting fact, quotation, rhetorical question, or anything else that will attract reader’s attention. Note, the hook must be related to the topic.
    • The statement. It includes all main ideas and discovers the importance of the study of this topic.
  2. The body. These paragraphs research all ideas presented in the first paragraph. It is important to discover one idea per each paragraph. If you include more, it will confuse the reader.

Moreover, each idea must be proved with evidence, but you should use only reliable sources, like the official reports, statistics, etc.

  1. The first supporting paragraph. It includes the first idea with evidence.
  2. The second supporting paragraph. It includes the second idea with evidence.
  3. The third supporting paragraph. It includes the third idea with evidence.
  4. The conclusion. It summarizes all your ideas and gives directions for further study.
    1. The closing statement. It can be another hook; some unexpected information to surprise your audience. Meantime, this hook must sum up your paper. You can use the rhetorical question for this purpose.
    2. Recap three supportive ideas. List all your ideas mentioned in three supportive paragraphs. Don’t rewrite them; try to rephrase them and present in a creative way. But, never include any new ideas that were not mentioned earlier.
    3. Restate the statement. Also, you should restate the thesis statement and emphasize the fact that it was proven.
    4. Ideas for further research. It is a good idea to give some recommendations to your followers and indicate directions for further study.

As one may note, this outline is very accurate and comprehensive, so all you need is to follow it. It will help you to write the fantastic essay in the short term. Meanwhile, you may need assistance in choosing the right topic.
how to write 5 paragraph essay outline

Choosing the right topic for the 5-paragraph essay

When you choose your topic you should follow the certain logic:

  1. You should know the topic. It is much easier to write about familiar subjects that you meet in everyday life, and it matters to you.
  2. The topic must be important to audience. It is good to choose political problems, healthcare, relationships between parents and children, sports, and some others as the subject of your paper.
  3. It must be provable. All ideas of your paperwork must be supported by evidence, so you should choose the topic that has enough data.

Here are some samples of good topics:

  1. Should the United States be opened to immigrants?
  2. How is it possible to help homeless people?
  3. Should retirees be allowed to vote?
  4. Is it acceptable to play computer games?
  5. Do journalists have a right to criticize the government?
  6. Benefits and drawbacks of credits
  7. Are online dating websites help people to meet their love? Or, is it a waste of time and money?
  8. Should parents choose the right college for their children?
  9. Who will be the next president of the United States?
  10. How is it possible to quit smoking/drinking?

Overall, if you want to write the fantastic essay, all you need is to choose the right topic and follow the outline. Meanwhile, if you need third-party help, there are many services out there that can provide professional assistance to you. They do all kind of writing, editing, and proofreading services and with high-quality and originality of each paper. They have many years of experience at higher educational institutions, and they know all requirements and pitfalls.

New guide on how to write an informative essay is ready for you!