Writing cause and effect essay outline

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What is the cause and effect essay?

The cause and effect essay, as the name implies, explains what response comes from certain actions, and why it occurs. The introduction paragraph of this article can be considered as a sample of the cause and effect essay. It has the cause – the development of the Internet, and it has the effect – it is easy to order the high-quality essay at low cost and in the short term. Next, it explains why and how it can be done. In addition, it finishes with a smooth transition to another idea. As one may note, this task is not hard, but it is the sample of only one paragraph. If you want to know how to plan and write this type of the paper, you ought to read further and discover appropriate outlines for three different subtypes of the cause and effect article.

Appropriate outlines for three subtypes of the cause and effect essay?

Usually, this essay has a 5-paragraph structure and includes one for the introduction, three body ones, and one paragraph for conclusions. Meanwhile, the content of these paragraphs may vary and depends on the characteristics of the essay, whether it is a single cause with several effects, several causes with a single effect, or a causal relationship. Check for some samples.

Here is the specific outline of the essay with a single cause and several effects:

  • The introduction section
  • The body section
    1. The main cause
    2. The first resulting effect
    3. The second resulting effect
  • The conclusion section

Here is the specific outline of the essay with several causes and a single effect:

  • The introduction section
  • The body section
    1. The first reason
    2. The second reason
  • The effect
  • The conclusion section

Here is the specific outline of the essay that includes the causal relationship:

  • The introduction section
  • The body section
    1. The first cause
    2. The first effect – the second cause
    3. The second effect – the third cause, etc.
  • The conclusion section

writing cause and effects essay
As you can see, you will have to use different outlines in various situation. If you have only one cause, you will have to describe all possible effects and analyze them. Meanwhile, when a bunch of causes leads to one single effect, you ought to apply the second outline. And, the last is the causal relationship when the first cause results the first effect, the next cause – the next effect, and so on. Despite the fact that body paragraphs vary in different essays, the first and last paragraphs remain the same. Let’s review how to write them.

The first paragraph of to any cause and effect essays

  1. The hook sentence. The main purpose of this sentence is to attract reader’s attention and cause the desire to read the article. In the case of the cause and effect paper, it can be a rhetorical question or some interesting fact.
  2. The background story. This information should help to understand the connection between the cause and results.
  3. The thesis statement. This sentence explains the main idea and the purpose of the paper described in few words. In addition, it is good to use such words as “because of” in the statement of this type of the essay.

The conclusion paragraph of the cause and effect essay

  1. Restate the thesis. It is time to check the thesis statement, whether it was proved in body paragraphs or not. If you succeeded, restate the thesis and emphasize that it is proved.
  2. Summaries main ideas. You should briefly describe all causes and effects from body paragraphs. They must be related to the statement. Also, don’t include any new ideas here.
  3. Write the final statement. This last sentence must explain why your work is important and why it should be taken seriously. Go above and beyond a good grade, emphasize the importance of this topic to the scientific community.

To write the high-quality paper, you need to follow the outline and mentioned recommendations. Nevertheless, it is important to choose a good topic. If you need help with choosing the right topic for your essay, here is the list of some good samples:

  • How military conflict in the Middle East will affect the United States?
  • What causes terrorism?
  • What effect does alcohol have on health?
  • What causes video game addiction?
  • Causes and effects of online dating
  • How does reading affect the human’s brain?
  • What causes illegal immigration?

However, if you don’t have time to think about outline, topic, and write the essay, you can always use professional help.

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