Writing synthesis essay outline

Nowadays, it is possible to name several major types of essays, including the expository, argumentative, analytical, descriptive, narrative, definition, and evaluation one. These are the most popular and widely used types of papers in the school and student life of any person. Meanwhile, they can be divided into subtypes, and the total number can reach several of dozens. Despite the fact that all of them have the similar structure, each of them has unique features and require particular knowledge and skills. As a result, students have to keep information about each of these essays in their head and use it in appropriate time. Some students handle such pressure; meanwhile, others ask for help. In order to find assistance, they visit online writing services. The last can make a high-quality paperwork in the short term, but they require money. Prices for such services vary in a wide range, so if you decide to use one, you ought to check several companies and compare their prices and terms. Moreover, you should read testimonials and reviews, and check what other people say about the chosen services. It will help you to understand the company’s policies and eliminate major risks. However, if you don’t want to use paid services, you can write your task by yourself. For example, let’s see how you can write the outstanding synthesis essay on your own.

What is the synthesis essay?

As you may see, the synthesis essay was not mentioned among the major types of essays. It occurred because it is a kind of the argumentative paper, but it has the important difference – you must use sources provided by your instructor to prove your ideas. On the one hand, it simplifies your work – you don’t need to search for information. On the other hand, it limits your evidence base and gives a temptation to summarize information instead of extracting evidence. Nevertheless, here is a certain structure that will help you to write the high-quality synthesis essay. It includes the selection of a topic, writing an outline, writing the essay, and editing the paper.

Choose the topic of the synthesis essay

  1. Examine your sources. Before you choose the topic, you must analyze given sources and understand what information you have.
  2. Choose the right topic. It must be broad enough to combine several sources together, yet it should not be too broad to merge completely different sources. In some cases, the teacher gives an opportunity to choose the topic from the list; try to find the one that is related to your sources.
  3. Think about the thesis statement. The statement must include the main idea of your research.
  4. Check sources for evidence. When you have a thesis statement, it is time to re-read your sources and find evidence that prove ideas presented in the statement.

Write the outline of the synthesis essay

  • Develop a structure of your paper. You can do it in your head or write on a paper. The second option is better because it clearly demonstrates necessary elements for your essay, you will not forget about them during your work. Here is the approximate structure of the synthesis essay:
    1. The introduction paragraph. It includes the hook, relevance of the paperwork, and the thesis statement.
    2. Body paragraphs. Each paragraph should include one idea that supports the statement, your explanation of this idea, supportive evidence, and conclusions.
    3. The conclusion paragraph. You should restate the statement and summarize main ideas in this paragraph.
  • Add creativity to your essay. In order to stand out of the rest students, you should go above and beyond the traditional structure. For instance, you can you use such methods as illustrations, examples, comparisons, contrasts, and other techniques.
write the synthesis essay

Write the synthesis essay

  1. Write the daft based on the outline. When your outline is ready, it is time to write the essay. It is good to start with the draft; in this case, you will be able to write as much as possible and not be afraid to make mistakes.
  2. Write in the third person. It is strongly recommended to use “it”, “she”, and “he” and try to avoid “I”, “you”, and “we”.
  3. Smooth transitions between paragraphs. Each paragraph of your essay have to be finished with a brief conclusion, and give an overview of the next paragraph.

Edit the synthesis essay

  1. Revise the outline and draft. It is time to re-check your ideas, arguments, and conclusions. If you see any weak points, you can strengthen them or remove from the paper.
  2. Proofread the essay. Check for grammar, syntax, and punctuation errors. Also, it will be great to check your paper for plagiarism. The best way to track and eliminate plagiarism is to use online checkers like Copyscape.
  3. Cite all sources. All sources that were used in the essay must be cited in accordance with international standards, such as APA, MLA, etc.
  4. Write a title. Some people prefer to write the title after they choose the topic. But, it is more suitable to do it when you finished your essay. In this case, you will be sure that it fits your essay.

When you know this structure, it is not hard to write the synthesis essay. All you need is to follow these nine steps. Moreover, here are some good samples of topics for the essay. They will help you to choose the one you need.

  1. Should same-sex marriages be allowed in the United States?
  2. Will the problem of emigrants be solved?
  3. What is the appropriate punishment for terrorism?
  4. Should pregnant women be forbidden to smoke and drink alcohol?
  5. How is it possible to stop the military conflict in the Middle East?

As you may see, topics for the synthesis essay can be taken from daily news programs. They ought to be interesting to your audience, yet they should be associated with the given sources.

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