How to Start a Comparison Essay for Maximum Effect?

Before we share more details on starting a comparison essay, let us have a brief definition of what a comparison essay is. Taking this approach will be beneficial since it is not possible for you to begin drafting something that you don’t understand. In simple terms, a comparison essay is a kind of paper that allows students to make a critical analysis of two subjects or objects. In the process of analyzing, they may be required to show ways in which these objects are different or similar to each other.

However, not all comparison essays require students to do both comparisons and contrasting at the same time. Some assignments may just need the scholar to compare or contrast the subjects at hand. By clearly understanding the nature of these assignments, you will be better placed to start writing them from the start— the comparison essay introduction.

Comparison essay outline

The next factor that will enable you to start your comparison assignment with a strong beginning is the outline. The reason is that this kind of paper conforms to its distinct formatting guidelines that govern how you will structure it from the introduction to the conclusion. This section will share with you the two accepted forms of formatting these papers, and it will guide you on how to begin a comparison essay.

  • The alternating format
  • The block structure
Help to Start A Comparison Essay

Establish a basis for comparison

Establishing a strong basis for comparison or contrasting is one of the pillars on how to begin a compare and contrast essay. The reason here is that you only need to put pen to paper after you have clearly confirmed that the subjects at hand are similar and yet different enough to be contrasted or compared. If you don’t have all this assurance at hand, you can’t begin drafting a comparison essay because you will have nothing to compare or contrast.

That is why you should do your homework very well before you proceed. Additionally, if you get it right at this point, you should be able to know whether the two objects have more differences or similarities. By establishing the amount of the differences and similarities, you will be better placed to know whether the subjects will be suitable for a comparison or a compare and contrast essay.

Additionally, by establishing the above facts, you will be in a better position to come up with a relevant thesis. For example, if you find that two subjects share many essential similarities, your thesis will focus on that angle and vice versa.

What is the approximate length?

Knowing your essay’s expected word count will be instrumental in guiding you on how to start a comparison and contrast essay. The reason is that when you know how long it will be, you are better placed to determine the format of the essay. For instance, if your paper will be capped at 700 words, you will need a fewer number of paragraphs. On the contrary, if your essay is expected to run up to 4,000 words, then you will need to give it more paragraphs for the sake of your reader’s ease of navigation.


Writing a comparison essay is one of the common assignments a student will handle at their high school and college level. However, you need to master the tricks of drafting an exceptional paper, and one of them is learning how to start a comparison essay. This article has shown you what you need to do to get it right every time. But despite your willingness or ability to write the best comparison essays, you may still face inconveniences that can throw you into a deadline crisis. When such moments come, you have no need to worry.