How to write a pros and cons essay

There is a kind of persuasive and argumentative essays that is sometimes called “pros and cons essay”, which means that the arguments for your idea must appear in the form of a list of advantages and disadvantages. Though it may sound simple, lots of students fail just because they don’t know all the skipping stones. So, how to write a pros and cons essay?

Here are a few basics:

  1. First of all, it’s a seriously bad idea to choose arguments without any advantages if you are against it or disadvantages if you like it. Good pros and cons topics usually come in the form of issues that haven’t been resolved yet.
  2. It is important to have a basic understanding of what’s good for the chosen issue and what’s bad. As an example, let’s use the case where a huge company goes bankrupt. Of course, it’s a disaster for the company, but what about market scale if the monopoly stood on the way of progress?
  3. Good pros and cons examples come from something we all can experience. For example – electric cars. They’re good for the environment, they offer money savings, they are quiet and what not. However, what about the maximum battery capacity, as in, how far can you go on a single charge? Moreover, where is the next charger station? Get it?

How to write a pros and cons essay easily

Well, there is no secret. The good pros and cons topics come from your own life. It’s a fact that the readers will forgive you being wrong, but they would not forgive lies. That’s exactly why it’s better to write from your own experience and own opinions than to find a trending topic that you don’t care about.

It’s important to prepare a detailed outline, like a “skeleton” of your future paper. The more thorough your plan is, the easier it will be for you to write. Actually, foregoing the outline is a common mistake, which typically costs the students hours of time that could be saved. Don’t fail this – compile an outline with the list of pros and cons examples that you want to use. It will surely help you a lot during the main writing process. Let’s look at this compact sample:

“Long-term bank deposits are great, because they offer higher interest rates and better inflation resiliency. However, they are not convenient enough when it comes to cash withdrawal.”

This is, basically, a main body paragraph in an outline. All the pros and cons listed will need at least a sentence to present each. Though, it’s always better to give more details in order to persuade the audience.

Pros and Cons Essay Writing

Essay structure for any pros and cons topics

Let’s start with the introduction. As you may know, it’s the part of your essay where you have to state the importance of your main idea to the readers. There is no place for any arguments or opinions here – you only have to provide the facts. The aim of your introduction is to engage the readers’ interest on your topic. As in any argumentative or persuasive essay, you can only make people adopt your ideas if they understand why you are bringing them up.

The main body paragraphs of your pros and cons essay help the readers to “pick a side”. They will either agree with you or not, and it’s for you to make them do either. Consult with your outline and add details to each advantage and disadvantage of the issue to make full paragraphs of 7-10 sentences. Ideally, each point should be described by two or three sentences in order for the reader to have no misunderstandings.

The conclusion of your essay should contain a summary of the main theme. If we take the sample we used in the paragraph about outline, it should go pretty much like the sentence we used – short and containing all the info you mentioned in the main body.

How to write a pros and cons essay without moving a finger

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