How to Write a Good Classification Essay?

Understanding the meaning of a classification essay is the first pillar in how to write a good classification essay. In simple terms, a classification essay is an academic assignment that requires you to organize things into various categories and then supplying examples of items that fall under each one of those categories. What is a … Read more

How to start a critical essay

Before we look at the details of how to start a critical essay, we need to understand what a critical essay is. From the surface of the name, it may seem that a critical essay is synonymous with a “critic’s rebuttal,” whose intention is to criticize and debunk things or ideas. But the opposite is … Read more

How to Start a Comparison Essay for Maximum Effect?

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Cause and Effect Essay Structure and Writing Guidelines

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How to start a persuasive essay

Do you know how much time it takes to write a high-quality paperwork? Based on statistics, the majority of students spends at least several days. Meanwhile, the newbies can do it for several weeks. That is why, many of them want to save their time and try to find other solutions. One of these options … Read more