How to start a critical essay

Before we look at the details of how to start a critical essay, we need to understand what a critical essay is. From the surface of the name, it may seem that a critical essay is synonymous with a “critic’s rebuttal,” whose intention is to criticize and debunk things or ideas. But the opposite is true because the word critical has a positive and negative meaning depending of the context of its application.

In academic writing, critical writing is essentially reading and then writing about something in the context of its value and quality. The reason behind such an analytical approach is not to debunk or overthrow, but to establish the real value of the idea before having sound and logical grounds to reject or accept it. So, when engaging in critical writing, you are simply saying, “Hey, give me time I also do my own research before I adopt or reject your position on this matter.”

Determine the best ways to start your critical essay

Your critical essay introduction is the opening of your essay, but if you don’t approach it carefully, you may as well lock out your readers. Understand that a door is an entry point but you can also turn it into a blocking point to deny people access into your house by shutting it. That is why before starting your critical essay, determine the best approach to open the first paragraph because readers will either switch off or desire to read more based on how you draft. This section shares three best ways of doing it.

  • Give it a historical touch

All humans have a history, and a natural instinct to hear what happened before. You can start your critique of an idea or piece of work by highlighting a historical angle. For instance, you may begin by stating the glorious past or achievements of the object you are writing about.

  • State some interesting fact

All humans are curious, and like some new facts that interest them. For example, start of by saying, “Do you know that Liverpool is England’s most successful club in international assignments yet the EPL title has escaped them since 1992?”

  • Stating your objective

You could also start off your essay by clearly stating your goal with the analysis. For instance, if you are reviewing a health product, tell your readers why this review is important to their health. This way, they will get a reason to read on to discover more.

How to start a critical lens essay

Valuable tips to spice up your essay

Here are some tips to help your effectiveness in how to start a critical lens essay.

  • Detach your emotions

Since you are engaged in objective writing, delink all your emotions from the work you are reviewing and make it as informative as possible. As long as you have evidence, remain objective.

  • Find out the facts

Remember, you are not engaging an enemy or a competitor’s work with the aim of tearing it down. You should approach it with the attitude of getting the privilege to exercise your critical ability using another man’s efforts. This way, you are will not veer into emotional attacks on other people’s labor.

  • Narrow your work

Ensure that you have narrowed down your subject to a specific dimension you can adequately address within the confines of your assignment. Do one thing at a time, and do it excellently.


This post has shown you insights on how to start a critical essay example. You are now better placed to do your next assignment better if you follow the nuggets shared in this post. However, since life has many inconveniences that may delay your assignment, you can always count on external help.