How to start a narrative essay?

“I was trembling with fear, sweat rolled down from my forehead into my eyes and they started burning but I kept on pressing the keys on the keyboard. It was nothing like I experienced before. After writing down the last sentence, I felt at peace like I had done something incredible. I closed my eyes for a while and when I opened them, I had finished my first ever article.”

Well that didn’t happen in reality, but the beginning did motivate you to read the whole paragraph, didn’t it? This is the magic of the hook. It is not easy to keep the readers’ attention because most of us have a short attention span. But that is the difference between a writer and a good writer! A good writer keeps the attention of readers throughout his writing.

Start Writing Your Narrative Essay

A narrative essay writing is a story you are telling to your readers. Mostly it comprises personal experiences of the writer. Everybody has a story but quite few have the skill to narrate it in a way that makes it interesting to read for others. A good narrative essay needs to be fun to read and meaningful in a way that people can relate to it. A hook is necessary for any kind of narrative essay; if you are able to grab the attention of readers at the start of the essay, the readers would surely read the whole essay unless they find it boring on the way. Let’s have a look at some options in order to start your narrative essay in an impressive way:

    If there is a quote from history, literature or a famous person that relates to your story it is best to start your essay with it. If a famous person has inspired you, there are chances that the reader has also (once in a while) read the quote of the same person. In this way, the readers can be hooked from the start by feeling related to your essay due to the quote. Once the readers feel attached to your writing in any way, they are likely to keep reading. If you don’t write something out of the context of your story, most likely the readers will end up reading your complete essay.
  2. Anecdote
    It can be an interesting way to strike the readers with the help of an anecdote from your story. If you start off with an intriguing anecdote, the readers can be hooked to your writing and it would make the reader keep on reading the remaining part of the essay. For example, if you are going to talk about your suffering in a foreign land in the story, you can start with the bullying or racism you faced during your childhood in the same neighborhood. Moreover, you can start with any kind of negative comments you heard from your fellow students or teachers, which could get the story going.
  3. A Thought-provoking Question.
    For the writers having a direct style, instead of striking with an anecdote, you can stir things up by presenting the readers with a question. In this way, the readers would keep turning the pages in search of an answer. It is a part of human psychology that most of the times, when we are presented with a question, we tend to find an answer. Especially when we know the answer lies in something paced in front of us, we love to keep looking until we find it. The questions intrigue everybody, no matter how lazy a person is. In most of the cases, the readers tend to get attracted towards anything that seems to be different from the rest. In case of a narrative essay, most of the times a teacher would be reading your essay. If you strike with anything different from the rest of the lot in any way, you would get your teachers hooked to read your pieces of writing. Once you have got the attention of your preferred readers, you would surely get good grades.
  4. A shocking statement.
    If you think that you are unable to hook your readers with a question, you can resort to presenting them a bite of the essay straight ahead. It means to let them know what they are going to read in rest of the essay but not the whole answer, just a part of it. For example, if you are writing a story related to your teenage times, you can start with your ideas or statements related to teenage troubles and challenges, self-perception, when you were a child and how it all changed when you finally became a young adult.
  5. An interesting fact.
    You can also grab the attention of the readers by presenting them with a fact they are unaware of. As we are talking about narrative essay, the fact needs to be relevant with your essay or story. For example, if you are talking about loneliness, write about the number of people dying every day and making it clear that everybody dies alone.
  6. An engaging detail.
    If the reader is not interested in a narrative essay from the start, he/she won’t even care how great the rest of the essay is. You need to pull your reader in the story. An amazing way to do that is to start with the detail of the setting in a way that the reader could envision it. For example, if you are talking about a room, you should describe the setting of the room in detail and then clarify why this all is relevant.
  7. Statistics.
    Providing the readers with interesting statistics could also be a good hook. For example, if you are telling a story of someone who suffered from anxiety, you can state the number of anxiety patients in the world. You can relate a certain statistic to the age of the main character of your story. It would be interesting for the readers to get the feeling of knowing where the writer is going to with the statistics.
  8. Sarcasm.
    If your story is funny, political, or even related to hardship of a journey, a sarcastic sentence could be the answer to all your worries in order to grab the attention of the readers. Most of the readers are quite aware of the current socio-political scenario and if you come up with a great sarcastic sentence to target a particular subject related to your narrative essay, you will definitely win the readers’ hearts. In this way, the readers would be craving for more.
  9. An event.
    A historic event could be a good way to start an essay. There are a number of events that took place in history but could relate to events happening in today’s world. It is quite challenging to connect the historic event with your story but it is not impossible. It is easy to get your readers attracted towards your essay once you start it with a significantly important event that took place in the past. The readers love to connect the dots, so if you just give them few dots, they would likely be interested in connecting it with the rest of the essay. You can slowly bring your readers’ attention from a historic event to something you want to tell them. Once they are intrigued to know what is coming next, you can serve them with your story and mold the whole history’s connection in your own way.

how to write narrative essay
These are just a few examples which can serve as a base for you to launch your narrative essay. It is not necessary to start your essay with these recommendations, but they can serve as food for thought. Judge your writing style in a better way and choose the best way to start your essay based on our tips, the choice is obviously yours to make! You need to realize whether you want to be more direct or a bit subtle in your writing approach. Moreover, consider the age group of readers you are targeting, since it matters a lot. Although it is not just about a good start when it comes to a good narrative essay, it surely is a really important part of the whole package. You need to give attention to all aspects of writing including the beginning, the main part, and the ending in order to receive good reviews from the readers; otherwise, your audience could just leave without reading the complete essay.

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