How to Write a Good Classification Essay?

Understanding the meaning of a classification essay is the first pillar in how to write a good classification essay. In simple terms, a classification essay is an academic assignment that requires you to organize things into various categories and then supplying examples of items that fall under each one of those categories.

What is a classification essay?

A perfect example would be if you were supposed to classify means of transport, you would come up with categories such as land, air, and water. Under land, you would include road and rail transport in the successive paragraphs while you explain their features.

Steps in drafting a classification essay

Writing a good classification essay requires three main steps that can be summarized as: sorting things into meaningful categories; ensuring that each category follows an organizing rule and; citing relevant examples for every category.

  • Sorting things into categories

Knowing how to sort things categorically is critical in how to write a good division and classification essay. You need to begin by sorting things and putting them into the categories they fit in. Additionally, you need to ensure that you have come up with all the possible categories before you move on to the next stage. But you need to draw a balance so that in the process of finding the categories, you don’t come up with obscure or unnecessary groupings that will make the classification meaningless. For instance, if you are categorizing heavy commercial vehicles, it would be meaningless to try and fit in a saloon car since it is not a commercial vehicle in the first place.

  • Understanding the underlying principles

Every classification makes sense based on the underlying principle behind it. Getting the right principle in place will ensure that your classification remains logically glued together. For instance, if you are classifying students on campus based on the course they are studying, you need to stick to that principle and not introduce another parameter such as age or sex. That way, you will not just maintain consistency, but also logical order and flow in your essay.

Writing a Good Classification Essay

Another pillar in how to write a classification essay is supplying sufficient examples for every category you make. This inclusion will serve two main purposes namely: it will help your readers to understand your essay better and more easily and; it will also have a positive impact on your depth of understanding the things you are classifying. Remember, if you must error, then error on the side of giving too many examples instead of offering too few.

Reviewing your classification essay

Editing your essay is one of the most important stages in how to make a classification essay. You have to go through your essay critically with the eyes of your supervisors and readers to spot all the junk that need removal. You will check your paper against the following criteria:

  • Grammatical accuracy: You need to countercheck and ensure that your essay does not have any grammar errors. Make sure you have removed all spelling and punctuation errors.
  • Clarity and logical flow: You also need to check it to ensure that it flows logically without any gaps between ideas.
  • Consistency with classification principles: Check out to ensure that you have done all the classifications as per the principles of classification. Additionally, make sure that you have classified everything in its right category.


This article has brought you up to date with all you need to write classification essays. You can use the principles share in it to sharpen your essay writing skills. But when you are held up for whatever reason, and you need someone to help you draft your classification essay without killing yourself with a deadline, never worry.