How to write a history paper

If you ask me, 80% of history class was all about essays. From the ancient times to modern days, all the major political processes, bloody battles, their causes and consequences typically required a big fat review in a detailed essay. I think I have written a few hundred of them and I’m not exaggerating in any way. What’s important here is that you can trust me on this – I know how to write a history essay.

The main difference between history papers and all the others is the human factor in every fact, because history is not as precise a science as math or physics. There are disputes and opinions, and it’s always important to know the point of view that your tutor stands by. Call it unprofessional, but if you support an unpopular theory – you may have a bad time trying to get a decent grade.

How to start a history essay

When I write my history essay, I always start with an outline. It is a detailed plan of your future essay, which contains all the points you have to go through. Now, how to write a history essay outline? Easy – you have to list all the parts of your paper and fill them with summarized contents. Let’s say you need to write about an important battle in your country’s history:

  1. The introduction should help the readers take a dive into the reality of the time you’re writing about. It may also contain the cause for the war and the battle.
  2. The main body should contain the main points in the battle timeline – charges, retreats, movements. Also it might be right to discuss the leaders and their strategies.
  3. The conclusion should contain the summarized battle timeline of about 1-2 sentences and what’s more important – the consequences of the battle in terms of history.

As you can see, the format is very common, so now you know how to start a history essay

How to write a history essay – step by step

In order to make things easier, I’ll give you an example research paper outline that comes from one of my history essays.

  • Cities of Ancient Greece: Athens and Sparta. Time after the battle of Marathon. Xerxes and Persia. Persian invasion into Greece.
  • Battle of Salamis – the genius of Themistocles. The pause between two battles – allies come forth. Beothia, 479 B.C. – the salvation of Greece. Mardonius and Pausanias.
  • Battle of Beothia and its role in driving the Persians away from Ancient Greece forever.

As you can see, it’s quite a small plan, but if you count each phrase as a sub-topic, you may get an entire essay right out of your head. Actually, you can have some practice right now and try to use this example research paper outline to create your own essay. This historical period is interesting and simple to comprehend, so writing will not take a lot of time.

history paper writing

How to write a history essay when the deadlines are near

The problem with the deadlines is in the fact that they’re never correlating with other tasks, so you may find yourself with a few papers due at the same time with physically scarce time to complete them. What you need in this case is to contact one of the professional history essay writing services and place an order, that’s it. They are online companies that connect hundreds of history experts from all around the world aiming to assist students in their writing.

Getting proper history essay help may be tricky, because not all the services are equally good. Some of them just buy huge databases of pre-written papers from colleges and universities to sell them to students, basically making them risk not only their GPA, but also the whole education. In case a student is accused of plagiarism, he’s usually expelled without any extra warnings. What you need from such a service is a custom history essay. It is a paper written from scratch according to the requirements of your task. Taking into account the fact that it will be completed by a professional, the essay will surely raise your GPA.

The process goes as follows:

  • You place an order, stating the topic, the size, the format and all the requirements of your assignment
  • The service chooses the proper specialist, qualified in the needed time period and also free enough to complete the task before the deadline
  • This writer creates your essay, trying to make it as good as you need it
  • You take the paper and do whatever you please with it. You can either submit it as your own, which it technically is, or use it as an example to write something.

Whatever you choose, writing a history essay is something you will surely do in school or college, so it’s always better to know what’s what before you start.

Learn how to write a good conclusion using our guideline.