How to write a hook for an essay?

The essay is an essential part of education in the high school, college, and university. Every student writes dozens of these papers every year, and the content of these works is very similar to each other. Thereby, it is getting harder and harder to attract reader’s attention and get top grades. Some students choose simple solution – they hire professional writers who can make high-quality work in the short period of time. But, this type of service cost money. Moreover, due to the fact that payment is transferred through the Internet, some of these writers are cheaters and can disappear after they receive money. For this reason, it is important to check the reputation of the writing company or individual before you pay. In order to check the reputation of the provider of writing services, you can visit its website or check testimonials and reviews on social networks and forums. The first option – the company’s website – is not a reliable source of information because the administrator of the website has access to the comments and can edit and remove them. Meanwhile, social media networks and forums provide enough information about company’s activities. Also, you can directly contact the author of the post and ask about his personal experience. It will help you to predict results and eliminate risks.

Other students don’t like to use such help, and they want to write the paper by themselves. It is a great decision because the essay develops student’s research, analytical, and writing skills. However, they face a problem – how to stand out of the crowd and attract teacher’s attention. The solution is the hook. The hook is a sentence in the introduction paragraph, which purpose is to gain and keep reader’s attention and make him read the entire article. Hooks can be different; let’s review the most common ones.

Types of hooks for an essay

  • Tell a funny story or an anecdote. Many people like to smile and have fun more than to read a boring research article. So, make your reader happy; tell him the anecdote at the begging, and he will read the rest of your paper in a good mood. Nevertheless, this funny story must be related to the topic of your essay, and it should not be trivial. It will be great if you manage to write your own anecdote based on your research. For instance, students who write the article about problems with alcohol can think of some funny stories that happened to their friends or other people when they were drunk.
  • Include quotations of famous individuals. People like to read and believe statements of famous politicians, sportsmen, billionaires, scientists, etc. Thereby, make them work for you. Find the right quote and use it to attract reader’s attention. Quotations, as well as anecdotes, must be related to your topic and emphasize its importance. For example, you can use Donald Trump’s ones to strengthen your business, political, or social ideas.
  • Use statistics. Official statistical data is a reliable source of information for many people; they used to trust numbers. That’s why, you can apply them for your own good. For instance, include the number of homeless people in your area, and it will emphasize the problem of your essay regarding assistance to homeless people.
  • Ask a rhetorical question. This type of questions doesn’t require an answer, but it makes the reader think about it and find solutions inside his head. Also, it will keep reader’s attention to the end in desire to find out your opinion to the stated question. However, don’t ask useless and silly questions; it will show your incompetence and distract your readers. A good sample of the rhetorical question for the car crashes topic is “How can children drive the car safely”.
  • Reveal an interesting or unknown fact. If you studied your subject deep enough, you probably managed to find some interesting or unknown information about it. This fact can be a good hook for your essay. So, don’t wait to tell about it in the end; use it for your introduction paragraph. For example, when you write about harmfulness of video games, you can mention the first game and its creator. The majority of people don’t know this information.
  • Reveal a common misconception. Another way to attract attention is to show common misconception. However, you must be very careful with this hook. When you present a new vision of the problem, you need to provide strong evidence.
how to write a hool for an essay

How to use hooks in the essay?

You know six types of hooks now. But, there is an important question “how and when you should use them”. In a matter of fact, you should apply only one hook per the essay because too many of them will distract reader’s attention. Here are some good recommendations that will help you to use the right hook in the right place.

  1. Know your audience. You ought to know who will read your article. Who is your audience? What matters to them? For instance, the old professor will prefer to read statistical data or facts; meanwhile, the young teacher will appreciate the anecdote.
  2. Follow the purpose of the paper. If you write a descriptive essay, and you want to draw a picture in the reader’s head, it will be good to tell the funny story or the anecdote. But, when you write a serious expository paper, try to use facts and statistics. It means, you need to coordinate the hook with the type of the essay.

As one may note, the main purpose of the hook is to attract attention and make audience read the entire paper.