How To Write An Informative Essay Outline

Today, the essay is an integral part of the curriculum in schools, colleges, and universities. So, whether students like it or dislike it, they have to write their paperwork. Some of them prefer to do it by themselves, and others, due to different reasons, delegate this work to third party writers. The Internet is full of various writing services, so it is easy to find one.

Tips and Tricks on How to Write an Informative Essay Outline

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Importance of Outlining

Essays can be divided into different types and subtypes. However, expository, argumentative, analytical, persuasive, narrative, descriptive, and informative ones are the most popular types. All of them have their unique features, but they have similar structure and include the introduction, body, and conclusion. Outlining any of them is an essential stage of pre-writing preparation, since the writers often deviate from key points during writing, while having an outline keeps them in one direction. As a sample, let’s see how to make the outline of the informative essay.

How to Write an Outline for an Informative Essay?

Before you start writing the outline, you need to think about the topic, conduct the research, and brainstorm your ideas. It will help you to better understand the goal of your article, gain knowledge about the subject, and find strong arguments. In addition, the purpose of the informative essay is to educate the reader, so you need to convey your ideas in clear and organized way.
outline of the informative essay

The outline of the informative essay

  1. The introduction. This paragraph must attract the reader’s attention and give the general overview of the article.
    • The opening statement. It is the first sentence of your paper, and it is wise to use the hook sentence. It can be the rhetorical question, anecdote, or some interesting fact related to the topic.
    • The background. Provide some context or historical information about the subject. It will help to better understand the issue.
    • The thesis statement. It is the most important sentence of your informative essay – the main idea of your paper.
  2. The first body paragraph.
    • The topic #1. Describe the topic of this paragraph. It must be a supportive idea that helps to prove your thesis statement.
    • Evidence. Next, you should provide arguments and evidence to prove your idea. It is necessary to use only reliable sources, like official reports, statistic, articles, etc.
    • Conclusions. Summarize this paragraph and explain how evidence and arguments prove your idea. Also, you need to have a clear transition to the next section.
  3. The second body paragraph.
    • The topic #2.
    • Evidence.
    • Conclusions.
  4. The third body paragraph.
    • The topic #2.
    • Evidence.
    • Conclusions.
  5. The conclusion. This paragraph is a summary of all your ideas and evidence. Meanwhile, don’t repeat them; you need to restate and reinforce the statement.
    • Restate the thesis. Based on evidence and supportive ideas, you need to rewrite your thesis statement and emphasize that the goal was achieved.
    • Ideas for the further research. Also, you need to provide directions for further research and explain why it is important.

As one may note, the introduction paragraph of the informative essay is very similar to other ones. So, if you manage to understand and implement this structure, you will be able to write any type of homework. Besides, you can always use the professional assistance.