Writing a Research Paper on Social Media: A Detail How-To Guide

Social media has become an important part of our life nowadays. Everybody is affected because of it and there are a number of companies that have collected a lot of money with the help of marketing on social media. The social media trends get reasonable attention and many people’s opinions are based on what they are watching on social media. As it is a really broad topic and there are a great number of social media applications available it could be really hard to write an effective research paper on social media marketing.

Every day, millions of posts are uploaded and shared on social media in the form of comments, photos, videos etc., and it is too difficult to analyze them all to form an opinion. In short, there is a storm of data which is being fed to the people all around the world and everybody has a part in it. Here are some tips to cut down the struggle in order to write a research paper on social media advertising and other topics related to social media.

Selecting the Perspective for a Research Paper on Social Media Effects

First of all, the researcher needs to choose a path in which the research should go. This could be an angle of marketing aspects of the social media, the impact of racism on social media, how the social media effects formulating opinion of the masses etc. No matter which one you choose, your research on social media and relationships should be well-focused. The amount of data on social media and the effects are so vast that they cannot be analyzed in a single research paper. Try to find an angle that can be examined properly with the help of facts and data. Once an angle has been chosen, then it would become easier to focus and analyze the information.

Contacting other researchers

There is a lot of research being done on social media nowadays and it is vital to read the opinion of other researchers before starting your research. A good researcher tries to get a grip on all the research done previously on the same topic and then moves forward. It gives clarity to the head and helps him/her to improve his/her work. After reading the research articles on social media marketing previously written or even talking to outstanding researchers in the field of interest, the writer may obtain a valuable starting point for his/her own research endeavor. A lot of hurdles can be removed if an experienced person becomes a helping hand in the process. There should be no shame in getting the help of someone who has already been through the whole process. It would just make the work easier and a lot more beneficial for the readers.


Try to collect as much statistics as you can. No matter if the work is based on the sentiment analysis on social media or is related to the marketing strategies of various companies using the social media. At the end of the day, it all comes down to statistics that can help formulate some simple rules. There are a number of agencies analyzing the social media data every minute and they can be contacted to get hands on bulks of data being uploaded every second. Once the researcher is able to view the whole thing statistically, he/she could write a research paper on social media advertising or other social media aspects much easier.

Make an impact with facts

Try to remain interactive from the introduction of your research paper about social media. Don’t just throw random historical statistics on your data but try to organize the data and then present it in order to make an impact. A lot of facts are lying just around the corner, and you need to look closer on the data to find research topics on social media marketing. For example, a tweet of the American President in favor of banning a company resulted in the drop of stock prices of that company. Using such information helps you get your readers relate to the real-world issues with the help of your research paper. Too much statistics would make it boring, so try to explain each and everything being presented and the opinion being formulated on your end. In this way, the readers would be hooked to read the rest of the research paper.

Research Paper On Social Media


The beginning of a research paper needs to be highly attractive and sublime. If a reader is not hooked at the start of the research paper, it is nearly impossible that he/she would appreciate the effort of the researcher and get something out of it. The start of the paper should contain a hint about what is going to be the core point of the paper and how it effects the real-world issues. The researcher needs to create an impact by telling how important his/her work is and by sharing fresh research paper ideas on social media. Everybody loves useful information, so start the paper with some recent events related to social media that affected a large community. Some historical events could also be a catch for the readers who would automatically read the whole paper just because of a nice start.

The main part

The main part of the research paper for social media is where the researcher presents his/her ideas and theories, and backs them up with the data he/she gathered and analyzed. It would be better to start this part with the previous work done in the field and talking about its impact. The shortcomings of the previous research can also be discussed and that is the part when the researcher has to present his/her idea of the paper. This is really important to know that once the idea is presented, the rest of the paper needs to relate to it and back it up. Otherwise, the whole point of writing the research paper would be ruined. The researcher needs to find facts, statistics, previous research, factual events that could help make his/her point of view valid and logical. Analysis is the key part here because without analyzing available data, formulating an opinion would be nothing better than junk. If an idea cannot be backed up by the facts, then it should not appear in the form of a research paper.

Literature Review

A researcher needs to be well-aware of the work being done in his/her field previously. Once a topic is chosen, the next thing to do should be searching papers and publications related to it. It would be easy to formulate an opinion while reading the previous work done and the effects it had. This method would save a lot of trouble because the hurdles and challenges of the process would be unveiled and dealt with more efficiently. There surely would be some research work be related to the topic you are trying to write about, and getting a better idea of it would be of serious help. Try to state and acknowledge the work which has already been done and whether it relates to the research paper; in this way, you will show your competency in the field and will create a solid basis for your own arguments.


Concluding a research paper effectively is one of the differences between internationally acclaimed researchers and those unable to leave their trace in research. In the end, it is advised to revisit the core point of the research and summarize it in a few paragraphs. There should be a sense of finality in the ending and the researcher should not sound confused. It is good to present a solution and then back it up instead of just finishing a paper leaving the readers confused. It is also advised to talk about alternatives for solving the same problem and then come to the solution you think is better. A good comparison would also help the readers to understand the whole process. Though it is not easy to summarize the whole paper in several paragraphs, it is still necessary to keep the readers hooked to it.

Talk to your supervisor

If the researcher is part of an educational institution, it is of great importance to meet the supervisor in charge of the project and get his/her opinion or help. Regular meetings with the supervisor would let the researcher gather more and more information. Also, the supervisor could help the researcher in terms of travelling, being connected to big firms in order to get data and outside opinion of what the research is really about. Once you have got the right kind of data and the direction it would be easier to write an effective research paper. The continued guidance of the supervisor would lead towards a research paper with clear objective and a direct approach towards the core topic. In this way, the readers would be able to get a clear view of what the research paper is about and they won’t be looking at bulks of unrelated information that does not make any sense.

Thus, as you can see, writing a research paper on social media does not differ tremendously from writing any other research paper; you still have to follow all conventions of research paper writing, and your paper will succeed if it has an effective, catchy introduction, a solid literature review of prior research in your field, and a strong conclusion coherently flowing from your arguments and presented facts.