How to write a 5 paragraph essay?

Well, “I just sit and write my 5-paragraph essay, what else would one expect as motivation? There is no single instruction for writing essays, because this term includes dozens of types, each written in its own way and presenting its own rules. Essay types differ by size, topics, format, structure, involvement of practical research, goal and what not. While everything else is clear, the goal of the paper is, probably, one of the key differentiators here. In this aspect, our essays can be:

As the name implies, the expository type’s goal is to present a topic to the reader, or listener, in case the assignee must read it aloud for a committee. It is characterized by a flexible structure and no strict requirements except for being interesting to read or listen to. Such essays are typically “starter guides” for students who a learning the basics of writing, while later in college or university they are meant to stay in shape.

Argumentative type challenges the author to oppose other points of view in an attempt to prove his own. It is one’s ticket to learning rhetoric and logic, while disproving those who think otherwise. Advanced-level students can sometimes adopt a wrong point of view for the essay on purpose, trying to initiate a proper argument with those, who have traditional views and probably even use their rhetoric in further studies.

Analytical type involves working with existing content, like books, news, research results, etc. Again, as the name implies, writing such an essay the student will have to analyze given or chosen target, displaying the process and results for everyone to base their opinions on.

Persuasive type will challenge the author to persuade the readers or listeners to adopt his point of view, regardless of others. It is considered the true mastery of writing, when students learn to influence other people’s thoughts with their texts.

In any case, any one of these four types can be a 5-paragraph essay that we’re discussing this time. Basically, the special thing about our topic is the fact that it literally consists of five paragraphs.

5 paragraph essay writing

The 5 paragraph essay outline template

The 5-paragraph essay is considered a “classic” format and in case there is no precise task on the structure, it is exactly what is implied. Such a paper typically consists of three parts: introduction (1 paragraph), main body (three paragraphs) and conclusion (one paragraph). Here is a more comprehensive plan for those who want to know how to start a 5 paragraph essay

  1. Introductory paragraph. It is the readers’ “gateway” into the topic. Basically, the author uses this part to present the topic he’s going to tell them about and why it is important or interesting. In order to avoid the main mistake and not to merge intro with the main body, one should keep the introductory paragraph relatively short and if a problem is being mentioned, it should be as brief as possible.
  2. First paragraph. This is where the author states the issue or just starts his portrayal of the selected topic. The paragraph should radiate relevance and importance for the readers to get involved into the discussion. It is a place for strong arguments, examples and theses, based on the facts from introductory paragraph.
  3. Second paragraph. It is, basically, a simpler version of the first paragraph, because it typically contains more examples and arguments, except they are sort of secondary ones.
  4. Third paragraph. This part makes the final pieces of the puzzle fit together and forms the “whole” of problem-solution connection or the basic topic portrayal. Sometimes it presents the weak arguments for the opposing point of view.
  5. Conclusive paragraph. As writers often say, it turns the issue “inside out”. This paragraph should bring up a short summary of what has been told, proven or discussed.

How write a 5 paragraph essay: hints

Rule 1 – one always starts with an outline, regardless of the topic, size, type, format, etc. The easiest way is perusing online sample libraries and finding a pre-written 5 paragraph essay outline template. It’s not considered plagiarism. Next, there is topic analysis to be done, in order to be comprehensive with it. Thinking how to start a 5 paragraph essay, one can look at the plan written above. After the introduction, the main body then is based on a thesis statement that the author should come up with. Following the outline, arguments and conclusion writing go afterwards.

How write a 5 paragraph essay: what if one can’t?

Now, the troubling question – how to write a 5 paragraph essay if one doesn’t have any affiliation to the topic? Well, fortunately, there are specialized websites that offer assistance. 5-paragraph essay help comes in the form of expert writers who create sample papers for students.

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