What is a personal narrative essay and how to write it

So, what is a personal narrative essay? Basically, it’s a type of paper, which contains a depiction of your personal experience, usually written from the 1st person perspective. Though it seems easy to tell the reader a story from your life, but ask yourself if you really know how to present it in a way that the audience will find interesting.

The main trick with such an essay is tapping into the reader’s imagination by making sure he is picturing everything he reads. It’s one of the things you can check for yourself just by reading your own text. Let’s just say “the wind took up sand from the road and threw it into my face, so I had to close my eyes” is more striking and memorable than “it was windy and sandy”.

How to start a narrative essay

Whatever the essay task, you always begin with an outline. A narrative essay outline is a summary of your story already systemized according to the chosen size. The format typically implies 4-7 paragraphs, two of them being introduction and conclusion and all the others in the main body.

It is always beneficial to make “emotion notes” in the narrative essay outline, sorting out the emotions that you want to share with the reader. The whole idea of such paper is in the emotional changes or what is called “a lesson learned”. Here is an example:

  1. Why I ever went to a vegan bar and what I expected. (hope)
  2. Paragraph 1: How I got a legume steak and why I think it was made in hell. (confusion)
  3. Paragraph 2: Why eating soy flapjacks sounds better than it actually is. (sadness)
  4. Paragraph 3: Where is the nearest hot dog stand? (anger)
  5. Don’t go vegan.
what is personal narrative essay

How to write a narrative essay without moving a finger

Sometimes you just have to accept assistance, especially if you don’t want to know how to write a narrative essay yourself. Believe it or not, you can actually just sit back and rest, while the task will be solved “by itself”. Narrative essay writing services exist to assist you with such papers, and what’s great about them is that no one will ever know.

Narrative essay help comes in the form of ready works that you can do whatever you want with. Basically, you purchase the solution for your task. The resulting paper, or “custom narrative essay” is literally what you are expected to submit, because it’s made according to your personal task requirements. The “custom” part means that the work is newly-written, as opposed to pre-written essays found in specialized databases.

When I didn’t want to write my narrative essay, I would not risk downloading a template or anything like that. I feared plagiarism check, which if positive would get me expelled in no time. With the expert writing services, it’s always a sure shot.

How to write a narrative essay and make it interesting?

Whatever you have chosen – writing yourself or purchasing a ready essay, there is a way to check if it’s going to work. All personal narrative essays are like fiction books, which are either interesting to read or not – there is no “maybe”. Thus, try to write it beforehand in order to have enough time to forget the writing process in detail. There is a skipping stone in proofreading – you can’t find mistakes or inconsistencies if some time hasn’t passed.

Now, as time passed, try reading your narrative essay and see if you want to read further. In case you’re only reading because it’s yours, the essay must be revised – that’s for sure. Try a more engaging topic, more common emotions, better wording. Look for the things that make the reader involved in your story. For example, a conflict of a few factions will make every reader choose a side. If you know the audience, just color that side emotionally and make it positive. You’ll surely get to the reader that way. You can also read how to start narrative essay and start it right.