Personal Speech Topics

Personal speech topics
Presently, it has become a common practice among individuals and corporates to use personal speeches when passing out a given message to a select group of people. As it is, it is turning out that speeches are inherent part of every day’s meetings, conferences, etc. While some people might find it simple to write and deliver a good personal speech, it is important to note that writing a good speech requires a lot of preparation. Many people on the other hand, have attested to having a lot of challenges writing a speech though it appears easy in the first instance. This is often attributable to the lack of preparation when it comes of the entire process of developing a comprehensive personal speech. In most of the cases, you will release that writing a successful personal speech starts with identifying the topic that you will address in your speech.
Here are a few tips and hints to help you when deciding on your personal speech topic:

  • Take your time to choose a topic that not only interests you but also, one that you have clear information about.
  • Avoid topics that have been addressed over and over again. For example, who hasn’t heard of speeches on Smoking is bad for the health? Try to be creative such that you deliver your main arguments in such a way that you will not bore your audience.
  • In case you decide to address a topic that is overdone, ensure that you have a fresh and interesting approach that is likely to draw the attention of your audience.
  • Take some time to understand the current situation in relation to the topic that you need to address; be aware of the trends.
  • Think about your audience in terms of their hopes, values, and interests before settling on any given personal speech topic.
  • What interest do you have in the given topic? In case you want to convince a certain audience, first, you should have genuine believe in your speech idea.
  • What is your desired outcome of giving a speech on a given topic?

100 Personal Speech Topics to Choose From

Most people find it hard to write and deliver a good personal speech. In most of the cases, this is attributable to the lack of a suitable topic that aligns with the person’s audience, personal interest, and expected outcome. Here is a list of 100 topics that you can use to select a topic to address in your speech.
personal speech topics

Graduation Speech Topics

  • Setting goals is important in life.
  • The power of perseverance
  • Why it is important to learn from mistakes
  • Approaches to adopt in order to overcome obstacles in life
  • The importance of being responsible in life after school
  • It is important to have personal codes of conduct.
  • Applying lessons learnt in school to life situations
  • The significance of aiming high in life.
  • Work towards what you love
  • Do not ever forget about where you come from
  • Use your backgrounds to grow
  • The best of lifelong learning
  • How to live with gratitude
  • The significance of daring to dream
  • Act small, achieve big
  • Success is not limited to some people
  • Use your challenges as the foundation for bright future
  • Time management is important
  • Career development and personal choice
  • Impact of social media on career development
  • How to present yourself for interviews
  • Corporate glooming
  • How to remain relevant in the corporate world
  • Tricks that will earn you a job easily
  • Embracing diversity in the workplace

Personal Speech Topics on the Environment

  • How can we prevent pollution
  • What are the best principles for a country’s environmental policy?
  • Measures to reduce environmental pollution
  • Impacts of pollution to the environment
  • Types of pollution and how to reduce them
  • Does a certain lifestyle affect the environment?
  • Is the world facing an environmental crisis?
  • What is the role of the government in pollution reduction
  • Importance of strict laws on the protection of endangered species
  • The effects of pollution on humanity
  • The need to ban hydraulic fracturing
  • The importance of using disposable diapers
  • Recycling ought to be made mandatory
  • Reusable bags
  • Important fishing regulations
  • Protection of endangered species
  • Alternative fuels can help reduce pollution
  • Mining in areas that are environmentally sensitive ought to be banned
  • Protection of rainforests
  • Measures to conserve oil
  • The importance of a clean community
  • Adoption of alternative fuels in the transport sector
  • Sources of environmental pollution
  • Hybrid cars can help reduce pollution
  • The conservation of global resources is important

Personal Speech Topics for a Political Class

  • Abusive language in elections should be banned
  • People in power should respect term limits
  • Is it right for corporate lobbyists to offer campaign contributions to politicians?
  • Voting is a democratic right to every citizen.
  • Human rights activists should be allowed to exercise their rights
  • The government should impose ban on tobacco products.
  • There is a need for tough laws and policies regarding domestic abuse.
  • No party hopping should for defeated politicians
  • There should be no politics during church functions and funerals
  • The use of public resources for campaign purposes is illegal.
  • Corrupt government officials should be tried without bonds.
  • Getting a license for any firearm is a must for politicians.
  • Any politician found to have used their firearm wrongly will have their license withdrawn.
  • Democratic is the best form of governance.
  • Censoring some online materials by the government is beneficial
  • Selling of human organs is illegal
  • Striking workers should be tried based on labor laws.
  • The role of politics in developments
  • Devolution and governance
  • Significance of opposition parties in countries’ development
  • Role of teamwork in elections
  • Ensuring peace and unity during and after elections
  • How to ensure equitable resources allocation
  • Role of the government in the fight against graft
  • Why there is a need for improved justice system

Personal Speech Topics on Education

  • Are skills tests for learners important before graduating from high school?
  • Technical subjects are very important part of education.
  • Life skills class is important for the development of learners’ careers.
  • What is the significance of learners who fail in the class to repeat the grade?
  • It is important to give first priority to minority groups during college applications.
  • It is significant in America to learn a foreign language
  • What is the role of universities in ensuring that learners get jobs after their graduation?
  • Which is the best approach to base classes- individual work or periods of time?
  • It is advantageous to have a proposer class instead of a study hall.
  • Instructional model of teaching is better than the traditional approach.
  • Teaching of multiple languages ought to be mandatory in schools.
  • The adoption of advanced technology in teaching is important in schools.
  • School administrations should reduce bullying in schools.
  • Offline versus online education
  • Importance of Homeschooling
  • Preparing children for kindergarten
  • Role of the government in education
  • Importance of boarding schools
  • Implementation of flipped model of learning
  • Importance of improving school security
  • Two or more languages are important
  • Violence is schools should be illegal
  • There is need to lower the cost of education
  • Studying is private schools has a lot of advantages
  • Importance of teamwork in schools


The above list comprises of personal speech topics on education, environment, politics, and graduation. While these are not the only topics that you can address, they are meant to ignite your memory to think about plausible personal speech topics that you can come up with depending on various circumstances. However, make use of the tips and hints provided here to help you settle on the best speech topic.

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