What is narrative writing?

Narrative writing is basically about telling a story. It could be fiction as well as non-fiction. Most of the people recognize fiction as narrative writing but there are a number of non-fiction stories that have their place under the umbrella of narrative writing. If you want to become a good narrator, you need to follow the rules of narrative writing along with being creative; otherwise, you would be unable to become one.

Narrative Essay Writing

Have you read the book of George Orwell named “Animal Farm”? It is basically a piece of political satire in which the writer has tried to explain the political scenario of a particular era with the example of an animal farm. It is a great example of narrative writing that tells a story. There could be a number of articles related to animal interaction with the humans but they cannot be included in the list of narrative writing because they are not telling a story rather explaining a mere event.

Difference between fiction and non-fiction

Mostly narrative writing is considered fiction like stories that never took place. Non-fiction is the presentation of actual facts like events, accidents etc. in the form of news reports, articles and essays. If a non-fiction has to be characterized as narrative writing, it should also tell a story based on some facts and events. For example, an auto-biography which tells the story of a real person.

Characters of narrative writing

There are a number of traits narrative writing should have. Every story needs to have few characters commonly known as the subjects of the story. There are many additional characters without which the narrative story would be incomplete; they are as follows:

  1. Protagonist is mostly the main character of a story and the story revolves around that person or character. It is often the hero or heroine of the story. As it is the main character of the story it needs to have substance to support its character.
  2. Antagonist is also a necessary part of most of the stories which is mostly the character that opposes the main character. Most of the times the whole story is comprised of the events taking place due to the rift between the protagonist and antagonist.
what is narrative writing


The most important part of narrative writing is the plot. Every time something has to be narrated it is necessary to have a plot. Imagine a story with no plot so without all the events there would be no role of the characters. No matter how amazing the characters are if no events are taking place nothing can be narrated. Usually the plot has a proper cycle which is made of five components. Those five components are exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution.


It is an important part of most of the stories to contain a conflict between the opposing characters in the story. The beauty of narrative writing often lies in depicting the conflict in a beautiful manner. For example, if the characters of a certain story lived happily without facing any kind of difficulty, would it grab attention of any reader? Definitely not, because the stories need to incorporate the difficulties we face in our daily life in order to touch our hearts.

Details of events

It is not easy to make any reader understand the depth of the story unless the details of every event are incorporated in the writing. No matter whether it is an autobiography, an article or a narrative essay – if the events are not explained well, the readers cannot feel anything. The writer has to know at which place the elaboration is appropriate and how to express it in a perfect way.

The Ending

Endings are as important as the beginnings in any narrative writing. The author needs to concentrate on the ending if he/she wants to create a long-lasting impact on the readers. The story needs to follow a proper flow from the beginning to its main body, and then should be properly concluded at the end. It is much better if the writer could leave something unresolved in the ending, just so the readers keep craving and have a reason to think more about the writing.


One of the most important aspects of narrative writing is to be relevant to the situation. The writer needs to pay extra attention to avoid any kind of event or small detail that does not fit in the situation. For example, if the story is taking place in the mid 1800’s, it would be absurd to include a cellphone in the story. The readers make assumptions as they are analyzing the situation and the conflicts involved, so the relevance is important for the plot twists, too.

Point of View

The last but not the least important aspect of narrative writing is the writer’s point of view. It is actually the perspective in which the events are being narrated. Mostly two types of points of view are used, which is first person and third person. If the story is being told by a character in the story, then it is told in first person point of view. In this scenario, the writer is talking about his/her personal experiences. If the story is being told in third person point of view, it means that the writer is not talking about his/her personal experiences but something he/she witnessed or known.

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